Aki Balogh of MarketMuse


In this episode of the MarTech Wiz podcast, we interview Aki Balogh of MarketMuse, an AI tool for Machine LearningAki Balogh of MarketMuseListen to Podcast: MarketMuse is an AI-based tool that leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms to improve content marketing. Market Muse builds content maps to help you write more comprehensively around a topic. Yes, we geek … Read more Aki Balogh of MarketMuse

Richard Fallah of Vbout


In this episode of the MarTech Wiz podcast, we interview Richard Fallah of Vbout, a marketing automation tool suite for growing companies.Richard Fallah, Founder of VboutListen to Podcast: In this episode of the MarTech Wiz Podcast, we sit down with Richard Fallah of Vbout, a suite of marketing automation tools. Richard always brings a unique and … Read more Richard Fallah of Vbout

David Markovich of Online Geniuses


In this episode of the MarTech Wiz podcast, we interview David Markovich of Online Geniuses, a digital marketing community with over 8000 members and events in 25 cities globally.Listen to Podcast: David is always moving a hundred miles a minute so it was great to sit down with him for 30 minutes and pick his brain. We … Read more David Markovich of Online Geniuses

Jason Malki of StrtupBoost


In this episode of the MarTech Wiz podcast, we speak with Jason Malki of StrtupBoost, a startup tech event series and ecosystem and SportsWonks, a social network for sports enthusiasts.Listen to Podcast: MarTech Wiz recently sat down with Jason for an insightful discussion that touched on:How Jason built his NYC Startup Tech community to 30,000 members strong!The … Read more Jason Malki of StrtupBoost

Richard Green of Evvnt


In this episode, we speak to Richard Green of evvnt, a single submission event posting platform.Listen to Podcast: We recently sat down in NYC with Richard to discuss many exciting developments including:evvnt’s recent partnership with Yext, which is fresh off a successful $1 billion IPO making them one of the highest-valued tech companies in NYCWhat it … Read more Richard Green of Evvnt