Aki Balogh of MarketMuse

In this episode of the MarTech Wiz podcast, we interview Aki Balogh of MarketMuse, an AI tool for Machine Learning


Aki Balogh of MarketMuse


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MarketMuse is an AI-based tool that leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms to improve content marketing.

Market Muse builds content maps to help you write more comprehensively around a topic. Yes, we geek out a bit on the AI side of Market muse, which has attracted fans of the likes of Neil Patel and Brian dean. We also delve into the building a marketing technology tool from the ground up. A lot of lessons learned here. Throughout the conversation, we identify common gaps in people’s content, how influencers can accelerate growth, and the importance of topic authority in content. I recommend checking out but first listen to this conversation.

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