David Markovich of Online Geniuses

In this episode of the MarTech Wiz podcast, we interview David Markovich of Online Geniuses, a digital marketing community with over 8000 members and events in 25 cities globally.

David Markovich

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David is always moving a hundred miles a minute so it was great to sit down with him for 30 minutes and pick his brain.

We cover everything from the start of Online Geniuses to its current hockey stick growth to future plans of the community.

Along the way, we learn keys to maintaining vibrant communities online and off, how anyone can find their hustle, and why David always talks to his competition.

I’d recommend joining the community over at onlinegeniuses.com. It’s a great online space with various gems from digital marketers you can only find inside the slack channel.

David Markovich has hustle second to none. David is constantly striving for (as the song goes) harder, better, faster, stronger.

But what really stands out to me about David in this interview and in person is how passionate and generous he is with making introductions that can impact lives.

Make sure to join the slack community and attend a local OG event if possible. It’s a great digital marketing community unlike any I’ve seen.

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