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This is a comprehensive course on SEO and SEO tools. The end result is an complete SEO system using the best free seo software tools available.
There are over 18 hours of video lessons and 42 modules.

Our video screencasts go step-by-step through each tool and technique. We provide many examples including a long-running Beatles example throughout the course.
We cover all major aspects of SEO from keyword research to on-page SEO to link-building and more including the most powerful modern SEO techniques.

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Free SEO tool stack course – Create a comprehensive SEO system using free SEO tools

You are looking to improve your rankings on Google.

To accomplish this, you know you need to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You may have started looking into SEO tools and even using some free tools.

But you are not sure how they fit in the larger goal of a robust SEO plan.

The tools don’t cover SEO from A to Z resulting in several gaps.

You don’t have a system. You are not maximizing SEO.

Or maybe you are using expensive paid SEO tools.

The unending monthly recurring rates never stop. They really add up.

What’s worse? Who knows how accurate the data even is!

They weren’t made with you in mind. You are not seeing the results you need.

If this sounds like you, the Free SEO tool stack course by MarTech Wiz is for you!

We don’t just go down a big list of free seo tools. This is a comprehensive course on SEO and SEO tools. The end result is an end-to-end SEO system using the best free seo software tools available.

Our video screens casts go step-by-step through each tool. We provide many examples including a long-running Beatles example throughout the course.

There is over 18 hours of video lessons and 42 modules.

We cover each major aspect of SEO from keyword research to on-page SEO to link-building and more. We cover the most powerful techniques.

And we are the right people to make this course.


Because we recently conducted in-depth reviews of all of the top SEO software tools. So we know the paid SEO tools and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

It is important to note we used this information to benchmark our system versus the best of the best.

And we are felling very good about how we stack up.

Not only that, we also cover features and functionality that paid tools don’t touch

This is the same system we used to rank our last 4 articles (and several others) on the front page in a matter of weeks.

In fact, we are the only site to rank on the front page for reviews of all of the major SEO tools.

So this proves not only do we know SEO tools but we know SEO.

Why did we create this course?

We didn’t plan on creating a course.

While we were considering getting a paid SEO tool, it became hard to justify the cost as we started finding out that a lot of features were available for free.

We starting building this system for our selves.

One thing led to another and we decided this was so good, we should release as a course.

How did we make this course?
This course took several hundreds of hours to produce.

We tested close to 100 tools. We hand-picked only the best for you and the course.

There are many free SEO tools but few that are actually worth using. We will steer you clear of those

I have excluded over 90% of free tools because they didn’t meet the criteria.

This is not simply a list of free tools but a comprehensive SEO system using free tools.

We started off by mapping out all the crucial parts of SEO and only then did we map back tools to help in each of those tasks.

Course Features

The course consists of five main sections:

Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
On-Page SEO & Technical SEO
Content Promotion
Tracking Results & UX

Length: Over 18 hours of videos
Lessons: 42 video lessons
Skill level: beginner to intermediate
Step-by-step screencasts
Includes: Lifetime Access
30-day money back guarantee

Course Content

Our SEO course covers all of the following and much more

Position tracking
Keyword Difficulty
Keyword Volume
Keyword Trends
Backlink analysis (including Audits for Penalty Removal)
Competitive analysis
Technical SEO
On-page optimization
Content planning/strategy
Organic traffic analysis
SERP analysis
PPC Ad analysis
SEO copywriting
Editing tools
SEO for WordPress sites
Page Speed
SEO spiders
Influencer marketing
Backlink Analysis
User Experience

Yeah, there’s a lot here!

Tactics and Techniques:

Go through some of the most powerful SEO techniques and tactics, demonstrating how to use them with free tools

Tactics and Techniques:

Skyscraper technique
Latent semantic indexing
Broken link building method
Replication of Buzzsumo functionality for free
Top pages reports
Quantification of dollar value of free SEO traffic
“Just missing” opportunities
Long tail keywords

Paid tools

The tools in this course are equivalent to functionality of over thousands of dollars of paid software.

This system rivals functionality of the best paid tools and offers many features they don’t.

We benchmarked this Free SEO stack course against the best paid tools available.


This course is perfect for

Bootstrapping entrepreneurs
In-house marketers
Small businesses
Web developers
In-house SEOs
Who is it not for: enterprise companies, SEO agencies or full-time SEO professionals.

Don’t need to be super technical as we will walk through every aspect and many aren’t very technical.

The benefit/end result

At the end of the course you’ll have an end-to-end system in place that covers the major aspects of SEO…all using free tools.

This course can help:

Rise in the search engine rankings
Drive more traffic to your website
Spy on the competition
Plan content strategically
Build relationships with influencers
Improve experience of your website visitors
Our goal is to get you consistently to the front page of Google using free tools and common sense SEO strategies.

This is not about just getting data to get data or pretty charts.

It is about generating information for the purpose of driving a decision, action or providing an actionable insight.

Business benefits are clear: More free search traffic and greater brand visibility!


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