RallyMind: Control your trove of landing pages with Google Sheets

Yes, RallyMind is an elegant and powerful new tool in the landing page space. But it might not be right for you…

See, RallyMind is not just another landing page builder. It’s different.

Some companies need only a few landing pages…in this case, the usual tools will do.

BUT if you have A LOT of landing pages, then RallyMind becomes THE tool.

RallyMind is when you need to spin up 10, 100, or even 1000 live landing pages. And maybe more importantly, when you need to update said 1000 landing pages.

*Think a national restaurant with 200 franchise locations*

Instapage, Unbounce and the other tools are fine for the average SMB needs of 5 to 10 landing pages. But imagine creating 300 landing pages with those tools. Taxing. Now imagine if you need to change a picture, tracking pixel, or headline on all 300. You either need a few days or weeks free or you could just use RallyMind.

That is why we are pumped to write this article commissioned by RallyMind, the tool to help you manage landing pages in bulk.

RallyMind is when you need to spin up 10, 100, or even 1000 live landing pages


Rallymind is a solution that helps manage and update a large number of landing pages using Google Sheets

What is RallyMind?

RallyMind is a robust solution to create and manage large numbers of landing pages. RallyMind is basically bulk landing pages powered by Google Sheets.


  • Creates the master template for the landing page design layout and
  • Personalizes each landing page using one central data source, typically a Google Sheet

This is what they call “Centralized Control.”

Simply fill out one Google Sheet with all the variations to create and update hundreds of live landing pages quickly. One row = One landing page.


Enter all of the variable information of your landing page (phone number, location, etc) into a Google Sheet. One row = one landing page

In fact, some of the biggest brands and financial institutions rely on RallyMind to manage the landing pages connected to their PPC campaigns.

No surprise this ingenious solution was designed by the team over at DevHub in Seattle. DevHub knows their stuff when it comes to powerful architecture and content management systems.

The Problem RallyMind Solves

When you start to get to 10+ landing pages (much less hundreds), traditional landing page builders start breathing heavy. It’s like using a Honda Accord at a construction site. Just not meant for the job.

Creating and managing a large collection of landing pages manually or through a SaaS tool can become a full-time job. It can take weeks or months to create those landing pages one by one.

If you have to update a few fields on those pages, like a new logo and CTA, it could take weeks.

This is also a large expense that is ultimately affecting the ROI of your PPC, paid social, and email campaigns.

That’s where RallyMind comes in.

RallyMind is able to create and manage hundreds or thousands of landing pages quickly.

Its benefits are quite clear: RallyMind helps save you time and money when creating landing pages for large-scale campaigns.

RallyMind helps save you time and money when creating landing pages for large-scale campaigns

Who uses RallyMind? Common Use Cases of RallyMind

Some of the largest brands and most innovative agencies use RallyMind to help them manage hundreds or thousands of landing pages.  The following are some of the most common use cases.

AdWords and other PPC Campaigns for Brands

If you are working for a brand, you know conversion rates soar when you personalize landing pages to match search keywords and ad copy. When targeting many keywords, companies use RallyMind to create matching landing pages for a seamless transition from ad to landing page.

Brand to local (Franchises and chains)

Many large brands have lots of locations and franchises, like restaurants and hotels. It’s ideal for each location to have its own landing page with local hours, specials, pictures, etc. RallyMind makes this easy by centrally managing everything from one Google sheet.

Email and social media marketing

Perhaps you are creating lots of custom landing pages for other digital marketing efforts, like email marketing or social media campaigns. Several customers of RallyMind use it for just that purpose: to match up their landing pages from various campaigns and channels. You can easily add and update UTM codes to ensure correct analytics and tracking.

Channel Marketing

Several large companies work with channel partners, independent companies that resell and service the company’s technology. For example, many enterprise technology companies like SAP and Microsoft have hundreds of channel partners around the US.

These certified partners are a crucial part of the brand’s marketing and distribution. To keep a consistent design and layout across these independent organizations, brands create landing pages for their channel partners using RallyMind. The best part is they are still able to personalize those pages with components like each partner’s logo, brand colors and even Google Analytics tracking id.

Brands can personalize landing pages with components like each partner’s logo, brand colors and even Google Analytics tracking id

Industry Examples

Real Estate Brokerage

Take a real estate company, for example. They will create a landing page for each of its agents across the country. These can be personalized in several ways. Examples of fields:

  • Agent’s picture
  • Personal contact information
  • Areas of expertise (commercial, residential, etc)



A restaurant, for example, might have separate landing pages for each of its franchise locations. Making a change on a Google Sheet that cascades to all your landing pages is easy and efficient and why hospitality loves RallyMind. Examples of fields:

  • Local specialties
  • Hours of that location
  • Local Pictures or video


Marketing Agency

If you have several clients that you are managing landing pages for, then you start to get into the territory of inefficiency. Manually updating your collection of landing pages one by one or only through a SaaS builder can be dreadful. Examples of fields:

  • Test a different CTA for each landing page
  • Include Call Tracking ID
  • Different URLs


Electronic Brand Resellers

Large brands of electronics often use a network of resellers that are independent but a key marketing partner. To ensure consistency of design and copy, brands often use RallyMind to maintain these landing pages of all their locations. Example of fields:

  • Personalized Hours by day
  • Featured Product at that location
  • Partner IDs

How does RallyMind work?

Step 1: Create the design layout of your landing pages


The first step is creating the design layout that you want consistently used across all of the landing pages of a campaign. This is the master template that will be shared across all landing pages of a campaign. If you have a current design you like, RallyMind can help you replicate that. It will contain placeholder fields (variables) that will be populated with personalized information. For example, ${phone} will be replaced with a different local phone number on each landing page.


Rallymind Builder - where you add all the elements of your design template

RallyMind can host this on their own servers with high uptime guarantees or you can host it externally on something like GitHub or AWS.

Step 2: Hook it up to your Google Sheet (or other data source)


Step two is populating the spreadsheet that will host all of the custom, personalized information. Each row is another landing page. This is the source of data that will feed all those placeholder fields. The fields can be almost anything! Some examples:

  • Phone number and address
  • Google Tag Manager container ID
  • Hex values of brand colors
  • Image or Video URLs
  • Local Pricing

You are not on your own! The RallyMind team helps you get started.

It’s important to know that this is not a SaaS tool but a hosted solution and there is a bit of configuration. It takes about 7 days for RallyMind to connect everything together. A simple JSON config sits on a second Google Sheet tab to connect everything up.

Once complete, even a non-technical person can make basic tweaks to the spreadsheet, config, or template that would cascade across all landing pages. It’s that easy.

For example, if the pricing of one item changes, update it on the Google Sheet and the change will be live shortly.

Even a non-technical person can make basic tweaks to the spreadsheet or template that will cascade across all landing pages

URL Flexibility: So what formats can the URLs of the pages be?

One of the best parts of RallyMind is the flexibility of the URL structure you can use.

If you’ve used landing page builders, you may have seen they sometimes use their domain which looks like “yourcompany.landingpagecompany.co” which is far from ideal.

The nice thing about RallyMind is they are flexible in the URL structure. Here are the top 4 URL formats:

Different sub-directory for each location

  • https://www.brand.com/los-angeles-location
  • https://www.brand.com/new-york-location

Different subdomains on same domain

  • https://losangeles.brand.com/
  • https://newyork.brand.com/

Different subdomains and different domains

  • https://losangeles.companyXYZ.com/
  • https://newyork.123company.io/

Different domains for each page

  • https://brand.com
  • https://123company.io

White Label Landing Page Platform

Today’s brands and digital agencies are more dynamic than ever; they have to be in order to maintain their competitive edge. Landing pages are an essential part of digital marketing from SEO to SEM/PPC to Co-Op and Channel Marketing - landing pages can do far more than present stagnant information to a consumer. Yet, many agencies and brands are still relying on single landing page solutions that are popular today or worse agencies/brands are relying on a homegrown tech from a decade ago. For large enterprises, updating single landing pages can be a major endeavor — and one that’s incredibly tedious especially since most enterprises are not in the “landing page” business. Rather than spend your time and money renting single page solutions that are difficult to maintain and update, it might be time to move to a private label landing page platform like RallyMind.

RallyMind is an innovative landing page platform that allows for multiple landing pages to be created using automation i.e. variables, macros. Already building landing pages in WordPress or Drupal or Sitecore? RallyMind allows for easy integration by taking existing creative assets and safely syncing into a seamless workflow. You can transport landing pages and then make use of RallyMind’s multitude of tools and resources designed to make landing page maintenance and replication a breeze. When you deploy RallyMind at your organization, there’s no need to hire extra web developers and it requires little time to set up - in most cases under 7 days!

Other common problems solved by RallyMind

  • Flexible/ Unique URLs Structure
  • Embedded analytics via API
  • Tracked actions (via Google Tag Manager - GTM)
  • Integrated A/B testing via Optimizely (or bring your own)
  • Centralized control from a master template
  • Robust enterprise-level infrastructure and support
  • Easily integrates with Google Sheets + 3rd Party Providers i.e. CRM, Marketing automation tools
  • Automated SSL and more

Landing pages do not have to be burdensome - RallyMind makes it easy for enterprises to create dynamic updates, image changes, or even conversion tracking with a new standard of efficiency.

A Flexible Approach to Landing Pages

RallyMind was built to automate landing page management so that digital marketers can better target and convert customers dynamically and at scale.

“Digital marketers who are building 10+ landing pages is who RallyMind was built for,” explained Aegea Barclay, Program Executive at RallyMind

When you have the capability to make across-the-board changes in an afternoon that might have previously taken weeks, you’re more likely to make those changes.

You can use the platform for:

  • Email and social dynamic updates, image changes or conversion tracking media marketing
  • Brand-to-local landing page management from a Google Sheet
  • AdWords and brand campaigns
  • Channel marketing

Migrating Is Easy

When you make the switch to RallyMind, you have nothing to lose — facilitating a migration is as simple as providing a couple fields:

  • Domain/ URL - Current URL of the site or landing page
  • Unique ID(s) - Any internal IDs associated with the landing page (Examples: Account ID, Customer ID, Order ID, etc)
  • Details - Business name and any other data you have

    RallyMind provides all the migration tools you’ll need to transport your landing pages to its platform.

    Having done migrations of hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of landing pages at once, we have instituted best practices within our processes. Once migrated there is a seamless handoff to your team with no interruptions to performance, tracking or uptime. You will immediately have all the capabilities and latest in web standards - SSL, responsive etc. You will also have the ability to update hundreds of landing pages at once instead of one at a time. Migrating to RallyMind is safe and provides an affordable solution for businesses tired of paying for weeks’ worth of landing page updates that could, instead, be accomplished in moments.

Benefits of RallyMind

  • The main advantage over a regular landing page tool is the time and money saved. This is a result of being able to create and update landing pages in bulk efficiently.
  • Integration with Google Sheets to populate your landing page library seamlessly
  • Use of your favorite URL structure. As mentioned, there are several options.
  • Secure SSL pages. This eliminates those messages that users hate from Google about the page not being secure. Super important when someone is filling in personal information like for a form or purchase.
  • Automatically tracks user’s behavior – every form-fill, click-to-call, and outbound link (with no custom Google Analytics configuration needed)
  • Built with enterprise-level technology from the experienced team at DevHub
  • Easily clone template and spreadsheets for new campaigns
  • A/B Test with plugins like Optimizely
  • Access to support to help you create the configuration and ensure everything is running and mapping correctly
  • Even a non-techie can make a small change or two to the template or spreadsheet
  • 99% uptime guarantees (SLAs)
  • Mobile-responsive so pages look great on desktop, phones, and tablets

Cons of RallyMind

  • Since RallyMind requires some setup from RallyMind, a free trial is not possible like with typical SaaS landing page tools.
  • The page editor is not as easy to use as some others  tools out on the market.
  • May be overkill for companies with only a few landing pages

RallyMind Integrations

Below are existing integrations or 3rd party platforms that RallyMind customers have implemented for their landing page campaigns:

  • MailChimp
  • Yext
  • Google AdWords
  • Mixpanel
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Hatchbuck
  • Twilio
  • Stripe
  • Reachedge
  • Optimizely
  • Google Analytics
  • com
  • Enom
  • iPromote
  • Agendize
  • Acquisio
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Akismet
  • OpenSRS
  • CallRail
  • Marchex Call Analytics

If you're looking to scale up your landing pages — and to keep in step with Google and web standards — RallyMind is a white label landing page platform solution to consider. With more sophisticated tools at your fingertips to manage your landing pages in real time, you can spend more time on your organizations core business.

Learn more

Head over to RallyMind.com for additional details.

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