Write For Us – Guest Post Guidelines

About MarTech Wiz

MarTech Wiz is a blog about marketing technology. Therefore, content is primarily about marketing software, technology, and tools. That said, we are open to more general digital marketing articles if the content is high-quality and insightful.

Some typical post topics

  • Reviews of a product category (review of 3 or more products in a category)
  • Making the most/best practices of a marketing technology tool (product guide)
  • A digital marketing best practices guide

Content guidelines

  • High-quality: Most importantly the content needs to be high-quality
  • Unique and insightful: Cannot be a regurgitation of several existing articles
  • Original: Must be original content not published elsewhere
  • Non-promotional: must be objective with no affiliation with any of the vendors
  • In-depth: Articles should be 1500+ words and cover all important angles
  • Intermediate level: No basic articles on beginner level digital marketing topics
  • External links: Include 5+ external links in the article (ideally to relevant, high-authority sites). Spammy or self-promotional links will be removed.
  • Images: Include 10+ images in the article (with no copyright restrictions – screenshots are good)
  • Reader-friendly and engaging copy:
    • no overly long blocks of text
    • use headlines and sub-headlines (H1, H2, etc)
    • conversational language
    • scannable content
    • ask readers questions, etc
    • Intro and Summary: Include an intro and at the end of the article a summary
  • If a review, include information on pricing, integrations, how it works, pros/cons
  • Author information: include headshot and brief bio of author (which can include one link)
  • Recommendations (ideal but not required):
    • A quote from an industry influencer or relevant company
    • A video (often a screenshare video) of the tool you are reviewing
    • Table, chart, graph, or graphic

Editorial changes for style, clarity and SEO may be made to the article. Author will be notified of these changes and have a chance to respond.

Submission of article does not guarantee publication. Article may be taken down at any point.

Guest Post Example

Explainer Video Software Reviews

Next Steps

If this is something you are interested in pursuing, please fill out the contact form with 2-3 writing samples and 3 guest post topic ideas.